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My grandma, cousin, and her son Jax have been in town for almost a week. They live in California and while we DO get out there every once in awhile, it has been years since I’ve really got to visit with them- especially my cousin. Her son Jax is exactly 15 days younger than Rider and none of us have even met him until this trip!

What a treat. That little boy is SUCH a love and a seriously rad kid.

I miss the days when all my cousins would come to our house for Thanksgiving and we’d all sleep in the den, staying up laughing and being too loud and making our parents mad. Riding bikes in the cul-de-sac and swimming in the pool in the backyard until the sun went down. I miss making up dances in our bikinis and charging our parents ten cents to come to our “concerts”. I miss playing dolls and dressing up our Barbie’s and watching every movie on VHS ever made.

Those were some amazing days.

Now we’re all grown up and we’ve all got our own things going on. Busy lives of our own, kids. SO MANY KIDS WE ALL HAVE. ha. So it really makes me appreciate the times that I get to spend with family. To slow down together and to color on t-shirts as crafts. To watch our kids swim until the sun goes down. To let them play monster trucks in the front room until no one can keep their eyes open. And to be together as family as often as we can.

Seeing them this week has been a real treat. I’m so blessed and lucky for the family that I have. My kids loved the little dude all the way to the right in this photo. I hope we can keep getting them all together so they’ll have a lifetime of memories together as well.

Family is the best.


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