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I’m getting ready to re-open my Etsy shop, Stellar Day Boutique! I’m having SUCH a great time rebuilding what I started over a year ago. Here are the things that are going to be different about my shop this time around:

1. I’m Doing This Solo!

As you may or may not remember, I had a lead designer and partner in crime with me the last time my shop was open. We had an amazing time collaborating on designs and ideas together for SDB! A couple of months ago, we decided to part ways from a business standpoint. With zero hurt feelings, we both just agreed that our styles and visions for what we wanted was different from the other, and we would have more freedom running our own businesses separately, while supporting each other from the sidelines. Mandi is still and will always be one of my greatest friends and no silly business could EVER change that! But we ARE working separately now.

SO THAT MEANS. That everything listed in my shop is handmade by YOURS TRULY. The ideas I have for the shop are bursting forth and I’ve found a brand new love for it, AND a new love for sewing and crafty things.

Which if you know me, is a totally new side to me. But I’m just embracing it at this point. WHAT IT’S FUN.

Occasionally, my sister might be listing some of her fabulous handmade goods in my shop. But IF and when she does, I will clearly list the product as made by her. But other than her, I’m flying at this thing solo and loving it a LOT.

2. There Won’t Just Be Bows

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a rockin’ headband or bow! And especially since I have a little girl now, I will for SURE be making and selling hair accessories! But I seriously have plans for a LOT more for this shop.

I have quickly discovered over the course of these past few months, that I live best when I embrace what is inspiring me in the moment. I get bored quickly, my style changes very fast, and I am constantly trying new things and seeking out how to keep my mind active. So that means if I get stuck designing, promoting or creating the same things again and again, without ever trying anything new, I GET REALLY BORED.


My shop will house all kinds of items! Basically, if it’s inspiring me and if I can create it, it will be in my shop! I’m not going to sell things I don’t love, that I wouldn’t wear, or that I wouldn’t put in my home. I am trying new things as we speak and having a total blast exploring more than just bows.

The artist in me is DYING to show you everything I’m working on.

3. Slow Pace

Since it’s just me designing, creating, listing, and selling- the process of getting new items into my shop may or may not be slow. It will all depend on what’s going on in my other lives.

I say “lives” because if you know me at all, you know that I have basically five full time jobs minus this shop. So my plate is full. But I’m really inspired by SDB so I am focusing on it and making it a priority. But for now, it’s what I do for fun in my spare time and isn’t my full time job right now. Therefore, I am going to move at my own pace and make it what I want it to be.

So with that, for now I’m not doing custom orders or mass producing items. My handmade goods are one of a kind and when they’re gone, they’re gone. At least until I have the time to make more.

So check the shop and check it often (once it’s open!) and if you see something you like, you’d better snag it before it’s gone!

So that’s pretty much it! I am planning on re-launching my shop with a SMALL handful of items to start with, and building from there. I definitely don’t have 30+ items to list like I did in the past. And I like it this way better. Each and every item I post took me a bit of time, thought, and intention. Each item is something I would personally wear OR put on my little girl and has inspired me in some way.

So when you come to Stellar Day Boutique, you should be able to get a good glimpse and visual look into what’s going on in my brain, in some regard. You’ll be able to see what’s speaking to my heart, what things are sparking creativity in me, and will hopefully leave feeling more inspired because of it.

That’s the hope, at least!

I love inspiring and encouraging people to be whatever it is they want to be. And that’s what Stellar Day Boutique is to me. It’s a place where I can be whatever I want, try anything I want, and not care about failing.

Won’t you join me on this marvelous journey? I can’t wait to re-launch, soon.

Stay tuned, y’all. You won’t want to miss it!


One thought on “stellar day boutique.

  1. Awesome! Etsy is a great place; I’ve had a great experience selling my own crafts there after the horrible treatment I received over at ebay. Your work looks lovely and I’m sure you’ll get many customers! Congrats on the new shop! Best of luck!

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