don’t carry it all.

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Do you feel like you’re carrying too much? Does your burden feel heavy, overwhelming, exhausting, sad, angry, hurt, bitter, or weary?

I feel all those ways too, sometimes.

Just be reminded today. We serve a great God that promises to be your strength when you feel weak. He sees what you’re going through, He sees your burdens, and He asks us daily to lay them down at His feet.

Easier said than done.

But I DO know, that when you surrender completely and lay your burdens down for Him, miraculous things begin to happen. Freedom you’ve never known before can take place in your life, and while all things might not be or look perfect still, there WILL be an overwhelming sense of peace.

So no matter what you’re going though, just know that you don’t have to carry it all. Jesus is waiting to take some of the load of your back, to allow you to rest in Him.

No matter how hard it gets.

*Image found on Pinterest and is NOT my own.


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