sorta at a loss.

Guys, I’m sorta at a loss of what to say these days. I’m navigating the world of homeschooling and blogging my way through that over at Stellar Day Kids. But the truth? It’s seriously the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done, inside being a mom. I honestly get to the end of each day and I just have no words. I can’t picture myself doing anything else with our kids and I envision sending him to school starting tomorrow, all at the same time. I love the freedom and I feel like a prisoner.

I’m a HUGE mix of emotions about it right now.

Overall? It’s going great. I find myself being confident and second guessing EVERY.THING. that I am doing. I know it’s going to take some time to adjust and I think we are doing ok.

But I end each day with no words. I’m just tired and exhausted and happy and anxious and sad and IT’S WEIRD YOUGUYS.

If you homeschool or have homeschooled, maybe you can relate? I dunno.

I ended the day laying on the floor snuggling with Bravery for a minute, praying and telling myself that we are doing the right thing for our family and that we’re going to be ok.

But I still have no words in this moment. Except for that Cruz is an amazing student and is dying to learn SO MUCH. I’m already having a hard time keeping up.


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