stellar day kids.

Stellar Day Blog, Inspiration, HomeschoolingTomorrow, will be Cruz’s first day of kindergarten. Yes. I just said that.

I can’t believe he’s starting kindergarten! And that we will be homeschooling him, which is something I never thought we’d seriously do. But we ARE and we are all so excited and slightly nervous. I mean, wouldn’t you be? It’s a huge responsibility that we are taking on. The weight of it is great, to me. So that’s why I’ve posted this bible verse. It’s going to be a daily reminder to me of what we are doing and a good mental check to make sure that my eyes are focused on Christ as we begin this journey.

We want the best for our kids. And we are praying the God blesses this journey we are on.

With that said, we hope that YOU will join us as we begin to navigate this new world we are stepping into tomorrow! And I have some news. I am starting a NEW blog SOON, that will house all of our homeschooling adventure, what we are learning, what I’m teaching, resources ETC. I’m currently building it as we speak and I am SO excited about it! Until it launches, you can go follow me on Instagram at @stellardaykids. I’ve already started posting there, and will continue to do so once the blog goes live.


This blog that you are visiting now, will continue to be my personal blog and I will continue to blog exactly the same way that I have been. I might talk about homeschooling from time to time, but it’s really just going to stay my personal blog where I can talk about anything I want to.

So…why am I starting a new blog? I know you’re wondering. It’s ok. It’s mostly because once I announced that we are homeschooling, Jason and I received an OVERWHELMING amount of people who have asked us to keep them updated on our journey with this. We were surprised at how many people wanted to follow us in this, and how many people are curious about homeschooling. So instead of filling up this blog with all our kids stuff every day, I thought why not just have a new spot that is SOLEY focused on homeschooling and what we are doing with our kids.

So that’s why.

It hasn’t launched yet, but I’m hoping to do so this week or next. But follow us on Instagram for now to keep up with us from day one. Which is tomorrow.

Someone pinch me, this can’t be real!



2 thoughts on “stellar day kids.

    • hahaha I don’t know about that! haha! But I DO want to encourage and inspire others in this! Thanks so much Jill!! xo

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